These pages are links to all the substantative resources on-line for people with diabetes. But unlike other such lists, all of these links are annotated to describe the resource. Jeff Hitchcock's Children with Diabetes Web site mirrors these pages at "Rick Mendosa's Top Ten Internet Resources" describes and links the best of these sites for Amira Medical at The 15 pages of "On-line Diabetes Resources" are:
  1. Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Mailing Lists, Usenet Newsgroups, Internet Relay Chat, CompuServe, Prodigy, America Online, Delphi, and Local BBS's with diabetes-related topics:
  2. General -- Web sites not classifiable in the following groups:
  3. Web sites of diabetes-related organizations and charities:
  4. Web sites of universities, hospitals, physicians, and research institutions:
  5. Companies that have Web sites dealing with diabetes:
  6. Publications on the Web, including diabetes-related magazines, articles and books:
  7. Government Web sites:
  8. Personal Web sites concerned with diabetes:
  9. Web sites in languages other than English:
  10. Medline resources:
  11. Diabetes Medications:
  12. Insulin:
  13. Diabetes Software:
  14. Blood Glucose Meters:
  15. Diabetic Neuropathy: