Scott R. King's top links
First, as the webspinner for Islet Sheet Medical, I want to pick my favorite page there. The idea of the site is to allow both experts and "lay" people to understand the bioartificial pancreas. Some pages were easier to write than others. My pick for the best is: page attempts to summarize physiology and metabolism and explain how they relate to diabetes. It has taken me a long time to master this material and I believe this is page is clearer than most other attempts. It is not easy reading.Take your time, and pay particular attention to the Java applet showing flow of fuels in feeding and fast.
My favorite discussion board: Well-informed people who want to Find The Cure. And almost always polite.
The best organized list of web resources and links is at: If it is a diabetes-related topic, you can find a good link there.
If you are interested in on-line management of diabetes, I think the best is: Where you can register and get on-line assistance in management.
Feeling lonely? List of famous people with diabetes is at: We are legion! Site is cheesy but fun.
Let Scott know if you agree with his choices or not.