We are sad to announce that we no longer have an affiliation with Planetrx. This came as a surprise to us. The reason is that, like all "dot.com" companies, they are looking to reduce expenses, and the 5% "cost" of sales through affiliate connections has been axed.We recieved the following e-mail at the beginning of November.

Dear ,

We'd like to take a moment to thank you for all your hard work as an affiliate of PlanetRx.com over the past year and a half. Your dedication and effort have helped us become one of the top health sites on the Internet.

Unfortunately, times have changed, and we sincerely regret to announce that PlanetRx.com will no longer be able to continue running its affiliate program. We are cutting costs in order to become a profitable business as quickly as possible. In order to accomplish this we are doing a number of things, including moving headquarters to Memphis, TN and ending the affiliate program.

Your affiliate contract with PlanetRx.com will terminate this Friday, November 10, 2000. After this date, we will no longer pay you advertising fees on sales of products purchased through your links. A final check for any outstanding earnings to you will be issued at the end of November.

 PlanetRx.com will continue to serve customers and provide quality customer service as we have over the past year and a half, and we hope you will shop with us again soon.

  Sincerely yours,

 Affiliate Program Team at PlanetRx.com

We want to thank PlanetRx for this program, and especially all of you that have used this program to help fund our research!

Please let us know if you think we should look for another affiliate so you can keep shopping for a cure.

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